NY Pizza Pie

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NY Pizza Pie is an all organic non-gmo pizzeria. We locally source all ingredients from local Amish and Mennonite farmers as well as passionate farmers within our area. We use only the freshest ingredients at the peak of their ripeness, and whatever we don’t use for that day we donate to local food banks in the evening. At NY Pizza Pie, our motto is “Highest Quality Possible”. What that means is regardless of the price or time of the year, we will provide our customers with the highest quality ingredients and never anything less.

Highest Quality Possible

What that means is that regardless of the price and regardless of where we have to go throughout the year, our focus is on food and providing the highest quality possible locally-sourced products for your family. So if we have to travel 200 miles in January to pick up locally-sourced organic products, so be it. Our passion is highest quality possible food at all costs. We need to get back to taking care of people and thinking about our health. We need to get rid of putting profit first. Our goal here at NY Pizza Pie is to bring back the old school love, passion, and respect for food that has been lost in corporate society today. So with the help of my mother, we decided we would be the trendsetters and bring pizza back to its roots using only basic and simple ingredients. We will never use any artificial flavors, preservatives, or processed ingredients. With this plan, we will make the world healthy again and bring you the food that you love. We are trying to make it more like Grandma used to and not how a factory makes it.

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