NY Pizza Pie

Owner Sue Kirk is a computer genius that has been working with computers longer than Bill Gates. She grew up in upstate New York, had her children, and then moved to southern Illinois to get her Master’s Degree at Eastern Illinois University. She now owns and runs a very successful computer consulting corporation. Years ago, she took her son Kris Kirk, who is also an owner and head chef, to a restaurant in southern Illinois called The French Embassy. That is where Kris developed his love and passion for elegant and sophisticated cooking. He graduated high school and then attended the CIA Culinary Institute of America. After graduating, Kris began his career as a corporate chef. He worked for large corporate catering companies such as Aramark and Compass Group and several local school districts and their school lunch programs. He also owned a successful catering business for corporate catering needs. In 2015, Kris began to notice that there is something major missing in corporate culinary these days. Everybody is so concerned about lowering portion size and about providing the lowest quality product at the highest price possible. At this point, Kris talked to his mother and said it was time for a change. Kris and Sue did a lot of research on the debilitating diseases that are encountered by eating traditional processed fast food offered by chain restaurants. He convinced his mother to help him open up a pizzeria in Chicago and call it NY Pizza Pie. Lots would say it was a very crazy idea in the land of the deep dish. Sue asked Kris how they would be different with so many pizzerias all around them. That's when Kris came up with the idea of bringing back the old school tradition of locally sourced ingredients, making everything in-house, and putting quality above price every time. This means making people healthy is our top priority.  They found a location in Downers Grove that was perfect for when they started but they are quickly outgrowing it. Kris called on the help of his acquaintance Mike Maro and along with Sue, they got to work. It's been a wonderful journey so far and will continue to be in the future. We hope that our customers can see and appreciate the love and passion we have for our food. We encourage you to try a slice and let us know what you think.